Kopesetik Soul has entered Bandwagon 4 a Battle of the Bands for all of Colorado. We have an opportunity to win $10,000! There’s only one issue; if our band doesn’t have enough fan votes the judges won’t even bother hearing us. That’s where you come in. Click on the link below and vote for Kopesetik Soul! Voting closes Friday night. Please help us reach our dreams!




KoSo is playing The Stargazer’s Theatre

After a successful Halloween show at Gold Camp we are now ready to take on Stargazer’s Theatre with Nina De Freitas as our special guest. This soul-stirring event will take place on Saturday, November 10, 2012 at 7:30 pm. We’ll be playing all of our old songs and two new ones crafted with love and soul just for your ears. If you’d like to purchase tickets follow this link.  $10 will get you great music and a whole lot of soul. 🙂

Halloween Show

This is Halloween.

This is Halloween.

Halloween. Halloween. Halloween. Halloween.

We’re playing a show with The Mostly Dont’s tomorrow in celebration of the second best holiday ever invented (Christmas being the best.) Where is it? We won’t tell. Until tomorrow of course. Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement. It would also behoove you to bring a flash light, some salt, a few cloves of garlic and a rosary. Because things happen. After the location is revealed we’ll need your help to spread the news!

KoSo can keep a secret.

It’s almost time. At 5:30 on Halloween night we will play a show at a secret location. The Mostly Dont’s will be there and we’ll all be in costume. You might be asking yourself “How can I come to the show if I don’t know where it is?” You’re a quick one. We’ll be revealing the location on the night of the show. Until then you’ll have to wait. Unless you have telepathy, in which case you probably  already know. So if you do in fact know the secret location due to your psychic abilities keep the secret location a secret. (And stay out of our heads from now on.)

Hello. In anticipation of our forthcoming debut album we will be performing in The Colorado Springs area and possibly Denver (fingers crossed.) Kopesetik Soul is now booking! This halloween we will be performing in Colorado Springs at a secret location (to be announced Halloween night) with our favorite punk band The Mostly Dont’s and on November 10 we will headline a gig at The Stargazer’s Theatre.

We’ll be keeping you updated. We hope to see you there! KoSo ❤